Collision Repair ​

At Magic Touch Auto Body we are certified to work with all insurance companies for any collision repair needs your car may need. You can trust us to bring your vehicle back to the way it was with our automotive specialists who have over 30 years experience. 

Precision Frame Repair ​

Put the experts to work at Magic Touch Miami to precisely work on your car frame. With over 30 years of professional experience and certified to work on car frames with insurance, we use precise measurements and techniques to bring your vehicles frame back to the original condition before the accident. 

Auto Body Painting/Paint Repair with computerized color matching​

At Magic Touch Miami our certified paint specialist precisely color matches the paint of your car with original paint to have your car looking factory new once we finish and deliver it to you. 

Panel Damage Repair​

Our specialists here at Magic Touch Miami can correctly repair any damage your vehicle has come upon. We can repair any panel, unless the hit is too bad where the panel needs to be replaced, and have it looking factory new as your car was before. 

Mechanical Work Limited to the Engine and Transmission​

We provide some mechanical services to vehicles limited to the engine and transmission. We take care of any undercarriage hits your vehicle might have encountered, all suspension work, wheel alignment, and much more!

Parts Replacement​

At Magic Touch Auto Body we provide all our customers with part replacements for their vehicle when needed. We can order the parts for you, or you can bring them in for us to install and we just charge labor. We install custom parts to vehicles as well as OEM/AFTERMARKET parts that your vehicle may need.