Where Do Auto Body Shops Get Parts?

Where Do Auto Body Shops Get Parts?

Have you ever wondered how auto body shops find the right parts to fix your vehicle? This question has likely crossed your mind if you’ve experienced a car accident or required a replacement component. In this article, we’ll uncover the diverse means repair shops obtain the necessary components and how they guarantee quality and suitability for your […]

How Do Body Shops Paint Cars?

How Do Body Shops Paint Cars?

Chances are you’ve once marveled at the sleek, perfect finish of a newly painted car and pondered the techniques that body shops employ to create such an impressive outcome. The art of car painting is a complex process consisting of multiple stages, each vital in achieving that ultimate, polished appearance.  In this article, we discuss auto […]

What Does an Auto Body Shop Do?

An auto body shop and a repair shop deal with fixing vehicles. It’s no surprise most car owners can’t tell the difference. However, sending your vehicle into the wrong hands might cost you precious time and money.  Whether you’ve been involved in a collision or weathered a hailstorm, you must know who to turn to for help. […]

The Difference Between an Auto Repair Shop and Collision Center

A car has several divisions. These include the chassis, engine, transmission system and body. The engine provides the power for movement while the body houses the engine, passengers, and every other component. Not knowing how your vehicle works is no big deal. However, when it comes to accidents, you must know who to turn to for repairs. […]

How to Stop Auto Body Rust

If there’s one thing that drastically reduces the value of your car, it is rust. Not only does it look unpleasant, but it also takes away the vehicle’s structural integrity. This could lead to potential safety hazards and cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Treating and preventing rust on vehicles can be challenging as it […]

What Is Collision Repair?

Like any city in the world, car accidents happen in Miami. If you are like most people, an auto repair shop comes to your mind when looking to fix their vehicles after a collision. But this is not always so. Depending on the damage, a collision repair professional may be just what you need to […]

How to Find an Automotive Repair Shop?

Your car is more than a machine moving you from point A to B. It is an extension of your lifestyle and personality. With this in mind, you’d want to have the best auto mechanics for your vehicle repair and maintenance. However, the auto repair industry is filled with many not-so-qualified professionals. Entrusting your car to […]

What Are the Types of Collision Coverage?

Two things become your best friends when your car or truck has accident-related damage. These are collision coverage and a reputable collision center. The former provides the financial backing to restore your vehicle to its pre-collision state. On the other hand, choosing the right collision repair center is crucial to ensure you get the best services for your […]

Types of Car Scratches and How to Fix Them

Your car is more than just a machine that transports you from point A to B. It is an extension of your lifestyle and personality. Consequently, it must have the best look at all times. However, there is a catch to maintaining impeccable vehicle aesthetics. That’s scratches! They don’t just devalue your car, but they […]

How Long Do Auto Body Repairs Really Take?

After a collision, your car needs to be properly fixed for several reasons. These include the vehicle aesthetics, your safety, and that of other commuters on the road. However, some questions linger; how long does a body shop repair take? How long can a body shop keep your car? We understand you need your vehicle in tip-top […]