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Fleet Solutions

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Our Fleet Solutions

Fast Turn Around, and High Quality

At Magic Touch we understand the need of getting your fleet vehicles’ back on the road in a fast turn around time. We understand that when a vehicle gets grounded, it may cause a loss on a specific route for that day if it’s delivering packages, or transporting persons.

This is why we take pride in knowing how to repair your fleet vehicle to pass daily inspections (Amazon DSP Partners for example), we will always diagnose what codes the vehicle has, and take steps to let fleet management know. We know its important to keep delivery drivers safe on the road and to have your fleet vehicle safe for road travels not to cause any third party damage.

we are

The Magic Touch Difference

Our goal is to get you back on road

We know it must be frustrating having over 50 packages needing to be delivered in a day, but upon inspection the vehicle gets grounded and you are stuck. This is where we come in and get your fleet back on road in no time.

Insurance Claims

Claims handling

Our expertise and expediting claims

At Magic Touch, we understand handling insurance claims might be tricky and time consuming when running a big operation. Sometimes things get tricky and have you stuck on what to do next…

We have professional estimators and claim processing representatives who will come out to your location to write estimates. We have direct relationships with major insurance companies to expedite claims processing of your fleet vehicle claims. We handle all the necessary things on your end and ours to make the process simple and fast pace, including the repair time!

Now that we are working together, we know that you don’t always want to go through insurance. We know Delivery Service Partners may have to come out of pocket for repairs and their deductibles. This is why its best to work together, and we can minimize your costs on deductibles, and depending on the size of your fleet… cut those costs out entirely. 

We strive to keep out of pocket repairs as low as possible knowing coming out of pocket can become costly, and we look forward to working on your fleet and build our business relationship.


All Makes Models

We work on sprinter vans, dodge promaster, rivian, step vans, and more

Quality Control

We will always make sure vehicle repairs are up to standard

Lifetime Warranty

We provide warranty on all of our in shop repairs

Collision Certified

All of our techs are certified from painting and refinish to structural analysis

A little About who we currently work with

A little Behind the scenes

We currently work directly with Amazon Delivery Service Partners in the south Florida area. We know all the procedures of daily inspections for the fleet and understand that when a vehicle gets grounded… it’s time for everyone to move fast and get it on the road as soon as possible to make the deliveries, and not fall behind.

Our team is specially trained and certified to handle light body work and heavy frame when needed. We coordinate together to have a fast turn around on your fleet, and when we say fast we mean fast. You might be thinking, but does this affect quality? No, not at all! Along side our fleet repairs, we specialize in exotic vehicles… so don’t be surprised if a Lamborghini is blocking a truck to get out of our location!