Car bumps and scratches happen to everyone at some point. What if you could fix them yourself instead of running to an auto body shop every time? This article will show you how to mend your car’s plastic bumper step by step. Whether you’ve got deep scratches, tiny ones, cracks, or even dents, we’ve got you covered. 

How to Repair Car Bumpers?

Below, we’ll discuss how to fix a broken bumper, focusing on various types of damage.

From Deep Scratches

By using safety glasses, the appropriate grade of auto polishing, and even your household hair dryer, you’ll learn that modern bumper repair isn’t as daunting as it seems. Dive in, and let’s get that bumper looking good as new!

Fix Bumper Scratches

Repairing deep scratches on your car bumper may seem like a task for the auto body repair shop, but with some patience and the right tools, it’s a task you can handle! Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Step 1: Safety First

Begin by putting on safety glasses to protect your eyes from small particles.

Step 2: Clean the Area: Clean the scratched area thoroughly. Remove any dirt or grime that can interfere with the repair.

Step 3: Apply the Filler: Use the provided plastic filler to fill in the deep scratch with your bumper repair kit. Ensure that the filler is flush with the rest of the bumper surface to maintain an even finish.

Step 4: Sand: Once the filler hardens, it’s time to sand it down. Using an abrasive paste, carefully sand the area until it’s level with the surrounding bumper surface.

Step 5: Polish: Now, it’s time to bring out the automotive polisher. Apply a light layer of polishing compound to the area, then buff it with a buffing pad attached to your polisher. Remember to use a variable speed setting to avoid creating an uneven surface.

Step 6: Buff to Shine: Continue buffing until the repaired area matches the shine of the rest of the bumper. Remember, patience is key!

From Small Scratches

Minor, shallow scratches on plastic bumper covers are even simpler to handle. Here is a simple, step-by-step guide to help you repair small scratches on your plastic bumper cover:

Prepare Your Materials: Gather your safety glasses, an auto-polishing compound, and a polishing pad.

Clean the Area: Start by cleaning the scratched area thoroughly. This ensures any dirt or debris won’t interfere with the repair process.

Apply Polishing Compound: Apply a light layer of the polishing compound directly to the scratch. This compound works as an abrasive paste to help reduce the appearance of the scratch.

Polish the Scratch: Gently but firmly rub the compound into the scratch with your polishing pad. The idea here is to buff out the scratch gradually without damaging the surrounding area.

Inspect and Repeat: Take a good look at your work. If the scratch is still noticeable, repeat the process until it’s no longer visible.

Final Polish: Once the scratch has faded, give the entire bumper a good polish using your automotive polisher for that new car shine!

Fix a Broken Bumper

From Cracks

Cracks, especially in plastic materials, might seem daunting. Fear not – even a crack can be a DIY fix.

Clean the cracked area before gently heating it with a hair dryer. The heat makes the plastic more flexible, which can help in the repair process. Once warmed up, glue the crack with a plastic repair adhesive from your bumper repair kit. Let it dry thoroughly. Then, sand it down with an abrasive paste until it’s flush with the bumper’s surface. Finally, as with scratches, finish the job with your automotive polisher to restore that pristine finish.

From Dents 

How to fix a car bumper when it is affected by a dent? Well, the thing is, dents can be tricky, but don’t rush to the auto body shop just yet. Follow these steps to mend your car’s bumper and make it look new.

Inspect the Damage: Examine the dent in your car’s bumper carefully. You can proceed if it’s minor and the bumper hasn’t been punctured. However, it might be best to visit an auto body shop for more severe dents or if you notice a fiberglass crack.

Gather Your Tools: You’ll need a hair dryer and a vacuum cleaner with a bucket attachment. Remember your safety glasses for protection.

Apply Heat: Using the hair dryer on its highest setting, apply heat to the dented area of your plastic bumper cover. Keep the hair dryer at a safe distance to avoid burning the plastic, and move it around to heat the area evenly.

Pull the Dent out: After heating the dent, attach the bucket to the vacuum cleaner. Place the bucket over the dent and turn the vacuum cleaner on. The suction should start to pull the dent out.

Check Your Work: Once the dent has popped out, let the bumper cool down. Assess your work. If you’re not satisfied, you can repeat the process.

Polish the Bumper: Once the dent is fully removed, apply a light layer of auto-polishing compound to the area. Use an automotive polisher with a buffing pad to restore shine to the bumper.

Remember, this guide is best for minor dents. For more significant damages, you’d want to count on the services of expert auto body repair technicians.


Knowing how to fix a car bumper can be a rewarding and cost-effective skill. From minor scratches to dents, restoring your bumper to its original state with the right tools and patience is possible. Just remember, safety comes first!

However, not all damages are DIY-friendly. If you’re dealing with severe scratches, cracks, or dents or are uncomfortable performing auto body repair, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. At MagicTouchMiami, our experienced team can handle everything from minor fixes to major overhauls with precision and care.

So, whether rolling up your sleeves to do it yourself or choosing professional assistance, the end goal remains the same: a car that looks as good as new. Contact MagicTouchMiami today, and let us help you bring back your car’s pristine look and feel!

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